Darkened Nipples and Lips!

1 06 2010

If this model  has wrinkly darkened nipples, she will definitely want to cover her breast the way she did on this photo, but I am pretty sure she wont be smiling but will be self conscious!

I said that base on my  own experience and feelings (that I used to have) when I was troubled over my darkened nipples years ago.

Aging is really women’s biggest enemy. We have to deal with all sorts of beauty problems that arise due to aging.

Lip and nipple darkening is one of the cruel reality all women has to go thru when she passed the age of 30. The darkening occur even much earlier , if one smokes or give birth to a child.

When a woman is pregnant, her hormone levels change drastically and cause the nipples to darken. Breastfeeding further worsens the condition of the nipples, resulting it dry and wrinkled. All the mothers are indeed noble and willing to sacrifice anything for their own child!

I recall during one of my class gathering, I happen to talk about the topic of nipple darkening with the gals. One of my classmate, Angie, agreed and sighed..
She said that one day when her 5yr old daughter insisted on bathing together.
 The minute she removed her clothes, her daughter chuckled: “Mummy, why is your ‘neh neh pok’ (nipple in casual dialect) so ugly, so black? See mine, pink pink so nice!”

Haha…! I had a good laugh when Angie told me this, on the other hand, I can understand how she must have felt hurt when she heard her own daughter commenting on her dark nipples….

When I was younger, I used to love admiring my nice light pink nipples..I think i was around 29yrs old when i realise my nipples turned into light brown color..By 31yrs old, it has changed into mocha brown!!

Gosh!! 😦 Emergency measures needed immediately, I must do something about it! Thats when I start rummaging thru the Pharmacy counters (expecially when I am overseas) to look for nipple whitening cream, whatever whitening cream that i can lay my eyes on.

I believe I tried more than 20 brands of nipple whitening cream over the years. None worked!

I even resorted to have my nipples tattooed pink 3 yrs ago, after seeing a convincing before & after photo on the walls of Yanhee Hospital (A renowned Aesthetic Hospital for foreigners in Bangkok)…

After making my payment of US$700, I proceeded to the treatment room where the Doctor injected anaesthesia into my breast area. During the whole treatment, my breast was completely numb, all i could hear was the drilling sound of the tattoo machine. Within 15mins or so, the treatment was complete. I was then asked to take a rest and wait for the Doctor to examine me again later.

When I take a close look at my nipples, I was disappointed to see that the areola area was a fuchsia pink while my nipples are still the same mocha brown like before. Not even slight difference or lighter color………arrggghhh….

When the Doctor came to see me, I told him my concern & disappointment. He then replied that “its normal that the nipples dont take colors!”

What??? Why dont you tell me that before I went ahead and pay US$700 for this useless tattoo pink procedure??? I really felt like shouting my heart out at the Doctor for not prewarning me about this. My $$ just went down the drain, not forgetting about the post tattoo downtime where my nipples hurt and peel for the next 3days….Ouch…!!

Thereafter I continue using my creative mind to trial & test on my nipples hoping to find a cure to lighten my nipples.

Early this january while holidaying, I came across another nipple pink cream. As usual, I would first look at the contents of the cream, I was pretty surprised that this nipple pink cream contained even glycolic acid (the strongest acid amongst AHA)besides already having multiple fruit acids, lactic acids and many other ingredients.

I bought a tube and tried it that very night at my hotel. I felt a stinging sensation on my nipples almost immediately after applying the cream. It was a rather uncomfortable feeling though bearable. The sting sensation remained for 10mins or less and thereafter gone. The stinging sensation could be felt for the next 4days(right after application) and subsequent application, you wont feel it anymore.

Initially I reasoned the stinging sensation to my skin sensitivity. However, after much analysing and recalling the contents of this cream, I realised that the stinging was caused by its glycolic acid content.

Glycolic acid is used for renewal of skin. Widely used in clinics for chemical peels. Ive done chemical peels many times and yes, I always felt the same stinging sensation when the Chemical Peel is applied on my face!!

Guess what? On the 5th day, the skin around my nipples started to peel and reveal a lighter color and smoother nipple. Hooray…..ole ole ole ole….!

Now my nipples is light pinkish brown…But I’ m very satisfied and happy with the results.

I know its unreasonable to expect and totally IMPOSSIBLE to revert to the exact light pink color as like my younger days.

This is something that we woman has to be realistic about. So long as we attained what is the best condition for our current age, I think its more than good enough!!

As our nipples and lips are of the same skin structure, most of the nipple/lip creams can be applied for both.

However, in this instance, because of the strong acid contents of my Nipple cream, its not advisable to use it frequently for my lips. I only use it once a month, to regenerate and renew the skin on my lips, let it peel on its own (by the 3rd day) and then followed by applying Herbal Lip Whitener twice daily.

I’m proud to say that I can still have nice smooth pink lips and nipples for my current age!

If Ive not been bothered and taken effort to put in extra care for my lips and nipples, I wouldve been secretly unhappy & sighing like many women do…

So ladies! Do put in effort and take extra care of your skin and body. Dont regret later or just envy others.

You are what you are if you cant be bothered! Simple as that…

I will share with you how I combined using this nipple pink cream with my Herbal Lip whitener to achieve not only light pink lips but also smooth and soft 🙂




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